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Yearning for Mungo

Research trip through Western NSW

September and October this year saw me break out of my iso bubble and get on the road again. This was a girls only, 3 generational, trip to reconnect with ourselves and the country, and of course, do some serious art making research, the best bit. This was also the first time I didn't have some masculine muscle to dig us (literally) of the dust when things went wrong. So I tested my limits on keeping a 4wd running in 40 degree heat and washed out roads with spear-like rocks that eat tyres. Plus somewhere in between looking after a 2 year old who's favourite toy was the next rock, and keeping mum on a schedule, (we can't stop to look at every wildflower beside the road, mum...) we got through a few 1000s kms of red dust and amazing country.

This journey took us down the Darling river from the 40,000 year old fish traps at Brewarrina, to Menindee Lakes and Mungo National Park (a long time feature of my bucket list for it's moonscape vistas and rich aboriginal heritage).

The route... Newcastle - Nyngan - Brewarrina - Bourke - Gundabrooka - Somewhere along the darling after we blew a tyre - Broken Hill to get a new tyre - Menindee Lakes - Mungo Lakes - some ancestral history hunting in Stokinbingal - onto Bundanon!

Enjoy a little snap shot...

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