About Michelle

From sketches captured on mountain tops and tree lined valleys, painter Michelle Teear seeks a dialogue with place. Following from her en plein air studies, Michelle works in the studio with handmade oils and tempera paint, capturing the rich colours and raw, nature of the wilderness. Her work celebrates the vibrancy and character of the Australian landscape.

Currently based in Lake Macquarie, she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW Art & Design in Sydney in 2005. Since 2015 she has developed a regular studio-based practice with frequent research trips throughout Australia to connect with the landscape directly. Additionally Michelle provides education in natural arts & crafts through her business Michelle Leilani.


This year she is growing her practice under the guidance of a mentorship with senior Australian abstract painter Virginia Cuppaidge, as part of the Newcastle Art Space Mentorship Program. In 2019 she was also welcomed as a gallery artist with Gallery 139, and her painting ‘Bongon Depths’ won the Packers Prize in the Newcastle Emerging Art Prize (Newcastle Art Space). She is continuing to develop work for  her next solo show in response to a recent three month research trip throughout the Northern Territory and Western Australia, completed in mid-2019, where she investigated the desert landscape, its intense colour and culture. For details of where her work can be viewed please go here.

Michelle works directly from the landscape through a combination of visual en plein studies in gouache and oils, and experiments with found materials for mark making and pigment sources. This way of working allows Michelle to completely immerse herself in a landscape and respond to it by incorporating it physically in the work. Her research forms the foundation of her studio-based practice where she produces work for regular shows. She makes her own oil and tempera paint and mediums, using the techniques of the old masters, with a preference for earth based organic pigments.

Represented by Gallery 139, Newcastle, NSW.

UNSW School of Art & Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2005

Michelle lives and works in Newcastle, Australia.



Michelle's Curriculum Vitae is available here.