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Commission Process


Why commission a work?

You will have the opportunity to work with the artist to have a work created just for you. You may have a particular subject you would like created as an artwork for your home or business. You may require a specific size of work to fit your desired installation location with a particular mood or colour scheme to suit the location. Commissions can also make a special gift for someone you care about, or to mark a special occasion. Michelle would be delighted to discuss and assist you to develop your vision for the creation of a new work.



How does the commission process work?

Michelle will discuss with you what type of work you would like and how involved you’d like to be in the process. Creating a work via a commission can have some collaborative elements depending on the client and the desired outcomes. Michelle will work closely with you to understand your vision, or help you create one from which she can develop a work to suit you.


Development of the brief

Scope of work: Consider the subject; a particular landscape, figure of still life/interior. You may have a place, object or person whom you wish the work to be developed from. Michelle conducts studies from life which she develops into the finished work in the studio. Michelle is willing to travel to locations if required for research within Australia.


Size: Any, prices for particular sizes can be provided on request. Each commission is individually quoted based on the scope of work.


Medium: Michelle works in the following;

  • egg tempera on plywood

  • oil on plywood

  • egg tempera and oil on plywood

  • gouache on plywood

  • gouache on cotton rag paper

  • photography

Please view the artist portfolio for examples, or request a studio visit.


Style: All work will be completed in the style of the artist and is at the artists discretion. Please view recent works to view the current style of the artist, see website or request examples, as it changes over time. You may like elements from particular works of the artist, please discuss what you like so Michelle can incorporate this in your work.


Timeframe: (when do you need it by?) Commissions may require between 2 to 12 weeks to complete a work ready for delivery from commencement of your job. Please enquire as to when your job can be commenced from, then allow a provided estimate of time for completion.


Quote: Once the brief is decided Michelle will provide a price quote and details of the agreed scope of work and time frame.


Commencement of the commission


Deposit: To place a booking for a commission a nominated deposit (usually 50%) is required.


Initial Studies: These will be completed if required and available for viewing prior to commencing the final work. The scope of work will determine if the client wishes to approve studies prior to commencement of the work creation. Some small works do not require studies and may be completed entirely plein air or direct from the subject. Studies are generally not representative entirely of the final work, but a starting point, however this will offer an insight into the final subject matter and rough composition.


Work Commences: On the final painting (allow 1 - 6 weeks usually).


View the completed work & client approval: Optional studio visit to view final work, or a high-resolution image can be sent via email for your approval.


Work drying time: Allow 4 – 6 weeks for oil and tempera paintings only. Other mediums do not require drying time.


Final payment: Due before release to framer.


Framing and finishing protective coating:  Works on plywood will be sent for attachment of rear support, and frame (if required), and a protective coating (for paints on plywood). Allow 1 – 2 weeks usually. Available for collection from Broadmeadow NSW Australia, or shipping can be arranged at the purchaser's cost.


Keen to get started? Please contact Michelle to discuss.

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