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Sunset Bough Waterhole

Sunset Bough Waterhole

Original Artwork by Michelle Teear

Gouache on 100% cotton rag paper

180 x 290mm (approximately)

This work is unframed and unmounted. We reccomend engaging your local framer to mount and frame this work behind glass to suit your decor.


This work was painted en plein air during a trip to Central West Queensland in 2022.

"The central west of Queensland is the head of our incredible in-land water system. We delayed our trip by a month due to flooding at the start of the 'dry' season. When the rains come the roads are unsurpassable and you'll clock quite a fine if you get caught on one. The rain runs down through the lower corner of the three states and into the Lake Eyre basin. We found ourselves on floodplains where you could see the flood lines marked as an abrupt end to the meadows of wild daisies that perfumed the air with honey. The flat open land tells it's history in the channels and rises of the landscape. I found myself in a wide-open space chasing a potential mirage on the horizon of a flat-topped mountain. Mesa's exist only here and in the United States, states my paper map of the Diamantina region. These monoliths that stand over this land as an abruption, sitting in a quiet survey of the region in a test of endurance."

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