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The cool side of the rock

The cool side of the rock

SKU: 112-22NT

Original Artwork by Michelle Teear

Egg Tempera and oil on birch plywood

1220 x 1600mm x 50mm

Tasmanian Oak frame with D-hooks, ready to hang (pictured example of typical frame)



From a rain-soaked earth life unfurls in a carpet of green that jostles, crowds and pushes up to sky. The sun bakes and the fires come to scorch the landscape into colours of black, midnight blue and the dusting of pale ashes. The arid interior of Australia is alive in the extremes of the seasons. Michelle brings this to life between the wet and the ashen ground, following her recent travels throughout the Northern Territory.

On the cool side of the rock

Uluru stands as a towering, untouchable monument at the center of our Int. identity. When I visited it, I found it's creases, where shadows form and cool pools lye. It has a quiet side where you can find yourself alone, away from the light of day.

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